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TitleMetverse + Blockchain & NFT Summit 2022 (MBS2022)
Date15th(Wed) ~ 16th(Thurs) June 10:30 ~ 16:50
VenueSeminar Room at COEX Hall C
TopicMetaverse, Digital New World of Infinite Possibilities
New Economic Paradigm Led by Blockchain, NFT
Operated as
FeesAdmissions will be charged
Programs30 Sessions
LanguagesKorean Only
**Overseas speaker' lectures are available in English.
Conference Topic
Digital New World of
Infinite Possibilities
Prospects and Utilization of Metaverse
Focuses on business model examples.
New Economic Paradigm
Led by Blockchain, NFT
Focusing on blockchain/NFT, prospects and
business model examples in each field.
Conference Fees
Pre-registrationOn-site registration
One-day150,000 KRW200,000 KRW
Two-days250,000 KRW300,000 KRW
* Audience who wish to participate, please send inquiry email to
June 15th,  2022
TimeConference room 1Conference room 2
10:30~11:00KT AI2XL - Soonmin Bae, Senior Vice President
Metaverse for Play2X
11:00~11:30Sandbox Network Inc- Hahn Jahngkyom, Vice preisident
The Era of Web 3.0: From NFT to Metaverse
11:30~13:00Exhibition tour
13:00~13:30META - Anne Hosbon Manager
Building Toward a Global Metaverse
Lambda 256 - Evan Park, COO
Introduce of Cyphrly
13:30~14:00Versework - Yun Young-Gun, CEO
Metaverse&Creator Economy
Blockchain technology for NFT data security
14:00~14:30Yulchon LLC - Lim, Hyeong Joo, Partner
IP Issues in the Metaverse(METALAW)
3space Art - Yoon Kim, CEO
Utilizing Digital art NFTs in secondary markets
14:30~14:50Break Time
14:50~15:20EDSX - Mauro Andriotto CEO
European Digital Asset Exchange (EDSX): Security and Hybrid Tokens
Shinwon Lawfirm - Kyongtae Paek, Attorney at Law
NFT and Copyright law
15:20~15:50DSC LABEL INC– Taehong Kwon, CEO
Introduction to the most important genre in NFT, generative NFT
LEDGER - Sebastien Badault,
VP Metaverse & Web 3
Into the Metaverse with Ledger
15:50~16:20PCN – Lee, Woo Sung, Director
600 years of Hanyang City Wall, digitally revived
Alllink - William Wooseok Jang, CSO
Infrastructure that connects real world to Blockchain and it’s application case
16:20~16:50LENGED - Lenge, CEO
Metaverse creator business forecast
DUNAMU - Whitney Kim, CPO(Metaverse division)
Synergy between Upbit NFT and Secondblock Metaverse
June 16th,  2022
TimeConference room 1Conference room 2
10:30~11:00CALIVERSE-Dong-Kyu, Kim CEO
What is Meta?
11:00~11:30KAIST - Kim Dae Shik Professor
Humanity in the age of Metaverse
11:30~13:00Exhibition tour
13:00~13:30MEGAZONE. Digital - June H. Lee, XR Section Cheif
How to Setup XR Services for B2B Scenarios
Sungshin Women's University - Professor, Sihan Lee
Brand marketing using NFT
13:30~14:00Unity - Vanz KIM, Head of Evangelism
Practical use of metaverse concept
Tobii Technology - Perry JooKorea Regional Manager
New wave of VR headsets, Eye Tracking
14:00~14:30Disguise - Alex wills CXO
Opening the gateway to the metaverse
Meta Fomula- Cho Geun-ho CEO
Biverse Membership – The fandom market where the real and virtual economy intersect
14:30~14:50Break Time
14:50~15:20Bithumb Korea - Kang Doo Sic, head of investor protection
investor protection policy
GoArt Metaverse - Burak Soylu, CEO
Web 3.0 Opportunities for Brands&Users
15:20~15:50GALAXY CORPORATION - Yong Ho Choi, CHO
Metaverse in entertainment industry-Celebrity's Metaverse avatar
LOTTE Homeshopping - HO JIN, Head of a department
The Future of Distribution, Metaverse
15:50~16:50Microsoft - Jong Hoon Moon, Manager
Session 1. Microsoft's View of Mixed Reality
Session 2. Mixed reality service based on Azure
MEDICAL IP - Sang Joon Park, CEO
Present and Future of Metaverse in Healthcare

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