TitleMetverse + Blockchain & NFT Summit 2022 (MBS2022)
Date15th(Wed) ~ 16th(Thurs) June 10:30 ~ 16:50
VenueSeminar Room at COEX Hall C
TopicMetaverse, Digital New World of Infinite Possibilities
New Economic Paradigm Led by Blockchain, NFT
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FeesAdmissions will be charged
Programs30 Sessions
LanguagesKorean Only
**Overseas speaker' lectures are available in English.
Keynote Speaker

Metaverse for Play2X

Web 3.0:
From Metaverse to NFT

What is ‘META’?

Humanity in the age of
Exploration in the Metaverse

June 15th,  2022
TimeConference room 1Conference room 2
10:30~11:00KT AI2XL - Soonmin Bae, Senior Vice President
Metaverse for Play2X
11:00~11:30Sandbox Network Inc- Hahn Jahngkyom, Vice preisident
The Era of Web 3.0: From NFT to Metaverse
11:30~13:00Exhibition tour
13:00~13:30META - Anne Hosbon Manager
Building Toward a Global Metaverse
Lambda 256 - Evan Park, COO
Introduce of Cyphrly
13:30~14:00Versework - Yun Young-Gun, CEO
Metaverse&Creator Economy
Blockchain technology for NFT data security
14:00~14:30Yulchon LLC - Lim, Hyeong Joo, Partner
IP Issues in the Metaverse(METALAW)
3space Art - Yoon Kim, CEO
Utilizing Digital art NFTs in secondary markets
14:30~14:50Break Time
14:50~15:20EDSX - Mauro Andriotto CEO
European Digital Asset Exchange (EDSX): Security and Hybrid Tokens
Shinwon Lawfirm - Kyongtae Paek, Attorney at Law
NFT and Copyright law
15:20~15:50DSC LABEL INC– Taehong Kwon, CEO
Introduction to the most important genre in NFT, generative NFT
LEDGER - Sebastien Badault,
VP Metaverse & Web 3
Into the Metaverse with Ledger
15:50~16:20PCN – Lee, Woo Sung, Director
600 years of Hanyang City Wall, digitally revived
Alllink - William Wooseok Jang, CSO
Infrastructure that connects real world to Blockchain and it’s application case
16:20~16:50LENGED - Lenge, CEO
Metaverse creator business forecast
DUNAMU - Whitney Kim, CPO(Metaverse division)
Synergy between Upbit NFT and Secondblock Metaverse
June 16th,  2022
TimeConference room 1Conference room 2
10:30~11:00CALIVERSE-Dong-Kyu, Kim CEO
What is Meta?
11:00~11:30KAIST - Kim Dae Shik Professor
Humanity in the age of Metaverse
11:30~13:00Exhibition tour
13:00~13:30MEGAZONE. Digital - June H. Lee, XR Section Cheif
How to Setup XR Services for B2B Scenarios
Sungshin Women's University - Professor, Sihan Lee
Brand marketing using NFT
13:30~14:00Unity - Vanz KIM, Head of Evangelism
Practical use of metaverse concept
Tobii Technology - Perry JooKorea Regional Manager
New wave of VR headsets, Eye Tracking
14:00~14:30Disguise - Alex wills CXO
Opening the gateway to the metaverse
Meta Fomula- Cho Geun-ho CEO
Biverse Membership – The fandom market where the real and virtual economy intersect
14:30~14:50Break Time
14:50~15:20Bithumb Korea - Kang Doo Sic, head of investor protection
investor protection policy
GoArt Metaverse - Burak Soylu, CEO
Web 3.0 Opportunities for Brands&Users
15:20~15:50GALAXY CORPORATION - Yong Ho Choi, CHO
Metaverse in entertainment industry-Celebrity's Metaverse avatar
LOTTE Homeshopping - HO JIN, Head of a department
The Future of Distribution, Metaverse
15:50~16:50Microsoft - Jong Hoon Moon, Manager
Session 1. Microsoft's View of Mixed Reality
Session 2. Mixed reality service based on Azure
MEDICAL IP - Sang Joon Park, CEO
Present and Future of Metaverse in Healthcare