★METAVERSE EXPO 2022 x Xsolla Game Contest Program★

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2022-05-09 13:47


Xsolla x METAVERSE EXPO 2022
- Indie Game Contest

What is Xsolla Game Contest Program?
One of the supportive programs to discover new games and promote them
globally. Xsolla professional judges go through a screening process and up to 4
teams receive monetary prizes and solution voucher benefits.
Target: All indie games who have not received Xsolla Contest Program winner
benefits before
- Final winners will be up to 4 teams based on application status
- Final winners will receive,
○ Max $10,000 monetary prize (Approximately KRW 12,000,000.- / It is changeable based on exchange rates)
○ Support from Xsolla Funding Club to receive game investments: Co-invest in the game in the amount 10% of the requested budget, but not more than 250k USD, Additional promotion
○ 1 month subscription on 80 level Talent platform for recruitment: Job posting and promotion on 80 level website, social media and email newsletter
○ List up on a priority list when integrating Xsolla solutions

- All finalists will receive,
○ Streamlined application to Xsolla Funding Club to become visible to qualified investors and publishers.
○ 1 job posting and promotion on 80 level Talent platform for recruitment
○ Newsletter to influencers in Xsolla Partner Network
○ Opportunity to get early access to Pay Station v4 with custom design
○ Free setup and launch Xsolla Web Shop Solution for Mobile Games

- All participants will receive,
○ $500 (Approximately KRW 600,000.- / It is changeable based on exchange rates) non-monetary benefits of Xsolla Partner
Network credits (Marketing solution to cooperate with global game influencers)
○ Free usage of Xsolla Login (simplify user access to gameplay, accounts and services) with password less ability
○ A package for Xsolla Launcher (build a customizable user community), which include 25TB of traffic
○ Free setup and launch of pre-orders campaigns or any other monetization stage while using Xsolla Site Builder (build customizable website)
○ Free setup and launch Xsolla In-Game Store (customizable cross-platform catalog of virtual goods) with an approved limit of 10K MAU

★ Application website : https://bit.ly/3waGING

★ Xsolla website: https://xsolla.pro/metaverseexpo_en